The giant’s eye had seen many worlds, many different ways of how people had ruled those worlds and how they had lived together. And so the seven drew together a plan that seemed the most feasible for this new world of theirs – demons and humans should populate their world, all connected to the magic that fizzed around them in varying degrees. They should also be able to control the elements to be able to change the world as they saw fit. For the seven could not be bothered to take care of every little change themselves.
And to connect them all they opted to give them gods to pray to. They were supposed to be elected from the people soon to be populating the world – to make this fair, one being created a huge mirror, as tall and as wide as the biggest of men they planned to create and placed it in the middle of a valley. A spark of energy gave it life and knowledge of its purpose.

The giant had seen gods, many of them. Had seen them fail, had seen them succeed. And he had seen many religions and many traditions tied to religion.
The third being suggested that each of them would create one god or goddess and then have those seven start the rest of the gods with the help of the mirror they had created in the beginning. The suggestion was met with unequivocal acceptance.