The third being created the elves, long-eared people who had a deep connection to the earth and the forests and were only able to control earth and wind.

The elves were one of the first race to develop something worth being called ‚culture‘ – which did suffer in the first war of the gods. After the defeat of Stephanus and Pazuzu the effort of rebuilding the destruction were making a lot of progress and at the point of Pazuzu’s rebirth, it was nearly at the same point they had been before the whole hubbub.
Unfortunately Pazuzu’s efforts take two at getting rid of the Council of Gods left the elven race a bit steamrolled in its wake. Generally the elves reaction to Pazuzu is a raised middle finger and some choice curse words.

Traditionally the elves fight on the side of the Council, cooperating mostly with the centaurs. At the point of the storyline my doll family represents for the most part, the elves are reduced to a life as nomads, living in cities of the demons or simply in the woods as most of their former empire is dust and ruins.