Doll Stats
Base: Youpla Dolls Zopa
Customizations: Youpla
Wig: Youpla
Outfit: Nezumitoo
Eyes: Marlequeen

Character Stats
Profession: apprentice
Element: earth / fire
Notes: Hiltja’s apprentice.

He’s from the dwarves from ADEBOWALE who differ from the dwarves of the other continents. They have a more slender and lean build and darker skin tones and their bending abilities are stronger focused on fire than on earth. Most dwarves in ADEBOWALE are traders, travelling the desert QISIR TORPAQ to deal with its riches.

Rahul’s family gave him the opportunity to learn a trade that is more uncommon by shipping him off to ADEGOKE when Hiltja was searching for a new apprentice.

He has so much to learn.