Jeromé & Akira

Name: Jeromé

Doll Stats
Base: Iplehouse Ryan / IOS Class50 TypA body
Customizations: AnMoony
Wig: Taobao
Outfit: du-hast / nezumitoo
Eyes: SilenceParadise
Horns: Soom
Weapon: Dollzone with blushing by Aradolls

Character Stats
Profession: General
Element: Earth
Notes: Born after the first War of Gods Jeromé was a mercenary in Moskaw, mostly earning his living with thievery and simple assassinations. He started some sort of affair with Akira, head of the army of Moskaw’s High King which afforded him eough protection to start a smuggle ring that also dealt in other more illegal activities. Akira turned a blind eye on Jeromé’s antics until he was one day paid to assassinate the High King. Akira effectively stopped his lover (because love is one thing, downright treason a whole other beast) and Jeromé was subsequently imprisoned in the high security prison Kûr di Bin (Kurdish for ‚Deep Under‘), a prison so deep under the earth that it was closer the the planet’s center than to the surface.

Jeromé stayed there until the reborn Pazuzu decided to free Stephanus the Older, who was also imprisoned in Kûr di Bin, and opted to take the rest of the prisoners with her as well to stock up on soldiers. He is one of her highest ranking generals and leads part of her army.

Name: Akira

Doll Stats
Base: Iplehouse Asa (real skin)
Customizations: DipoleMoment (face-up) | hane (sleeve tattoo) | Dybbuk (nape tattoo)
Wig: Angelheim
Outfit: japonsakura | vintage gogatsu armor
Eyes: Chinese glass

Character Stats
Profession: General
Element: Fire
Notes: After the death of his father, Akira was promoted as head of Moskaw’s army by Arundel, High King of Moskaw. He is loyal to fault and has the love and loyalty of his subordinates because he has a reputation of being just. His life, apart from the brief stint with Jeromé and the near-beheading of his employer, is going in strictly wrregulated paths until Khaled is born. Since Arundel has no interest in his son even going so far as to actively shun him, the child ends up with Akira more often than not who does his best to alleviate the abuse and neglect the boy is put through. Khaled refers to him as the only real father he ever had and even makes him Kimete’s godfather.

After Khaled’s flight and the ban Arundel put on his son’s name in Moskaw Akira spends the next centuries grudgingly working in his old position till he snapped, gave Arundel a piece of his mind and went on to search Khaled to see if his charge was actually save now. Since a whole contigent of bloodhunters had spent years before him searching for Khaled to no avail, working as a mercenary for hire and making a new name for himself – no longer Akira of Moskaw he was now more referred to as Akira the Avenger.

He eventually stumbled over Pazuzu’s lair (and subsequently over Khaled) and signed up as her general after Jeromé, who had been with her since a while, convinced him of the merits of this plan (en detail, in bed probably).