The Beings

The seven beings that created Silmä can be compared to psychopomps – they are divided into reigning over death (1 – 3), life (4 – 6) and rebirth (7). The seventh being is in fact the most malicious one mostly over the fact that it always is the last one to get to do its stuff. The only other being it has friendly feelings for is the second one which granted it the right to create two gods (Hate and Cruelty) instead of just one with giving up its own right of god creation. It is also essential for the rebirth of afore mentioned gods – Hate/Stephanus it arranged rebirth for and Cruelty/Pazuzu it in fact went against all rules and carried the child itself. It gives up its ‘life’ for Pazuzu to protect both of its creations for an untimely detection from the Council and the other beings and gives Stephanus the names of all other six beings as another weapon. And asshole through and through you see.
The only other being who figures it all out is the second one because it kinda has stalker issues with the seventh (LOVE MEEEEE DAMNIT). Due to that it also agrees to keep an eye on Stephanus/Pazuzu for the seventh… a promise it regrets very very soon because Pazuzu needs a lot of looking after (here we have the reason she survives everything – with one of the deaths looking after her, there is no way she can die… even though the second is tempted to let it happen more than once).
He reasons for himself that with keeping tabs on the terrible two he can get information on their plans and interfere if he deems necessary – on the other end Pazuzu and Stephanus are of course imaging something like this (they aren’t that dumb) and while they do feed him tidbits to give him the illusion of knowing what others don’t, they also are just plainly taking advantage of having a death at hand.