Doll Stats
Base: Limhwa Aria Mono (Dodo)
Customizations: chrome concepts
Wig: Jpop
Outfit: Nezumitoo
Eyes: unknown

Character Stats
Profession: child
Element: none
Notes: Cowessess is Hulda’s and Hiltja’s ‚adopted‘ child – though that makes it sound like there was some sort of civilized process involved in getting him. There most likely wasn’t.

Hiltja just came home one day after a few months of travels to find Hulda and a roughly six year old boy peeling potatoes in the kitchen. Apart from a „congrats, it’s a boy“, Hulda offered no further explanations and that was that.

(Hiltja has no qualms arguing even with the gods but she sure as hell won’t cross her wife.)

((Cowesses proves useful when he grows up though as he is no dwarf and therefore able to reach the high shelves without having to drag out the step ladder))

There is actually a strong suspicion that he might be an offspring of Rajko and Kabira, discarded as unwanted burden.