Doll Stats
Base: Dark Elf Batchix
Customizations: Jisatsu
Wig: amaidenskiss
Outfit: Taobao / snowy
Eyes: Oscar
Fantasy Parts: Soom Taco

Character Stats
Profession: Elven Lord
Element: Water (Snow)
Notes: Vortigern is an elven lord, born during the fall of the elven empire. He has the goal to bring them back to former glory by all means necessary, even if that means an alliance with Pazuzu aka the arch nemesis of the elves. There are better ways for sure, but this is a short cut (in Vortigern’s opinion). That Pazuzu is also a hot piece of ass is a bonus in his book.

He’s not nice, he’s very focused and committed to his idea and if that ends with some collateral damage so be it.

The sheer amount of his offsprings rivals Pazuzu’s (gotta get the population going here). In contrary to Pazuzu he actually cares little about them apart from their value as means to an end – to strengthen ties and gain land by marriage.
Exception is Valeska, his youngest daughter.