Seven / Selphiel

Doll Stats
Base: Seed.Arts Peabody/Ariadoll Tiny 14years body
Clothes: Tonner Evangeline Ghastly
Customizations: madrugada.h
Wig: Crobidoll

Character Stats
Profession: being
Element: none
Notes: Selphiel is the seventh being and the butt-end of all jokes as their ‚rank‘ as the last of the beings means they are last with everything. Including the creation of one race (centaurs) and their very own god. Gods in their case as the second being kindly gave up their right to make the seventh happy.

As a thank you they created Hate and Cruelty who messed up Silmä like no tomorrow.

After the execution of Hate and Cruelty, Selphiel, guardian of rebirth, took it upon himself to remove their ’souls‘ from the realm of death under false pretense in order to create them anew.

Hate/Stephanus was first to be born again and after a while, Selphiel themselves change into the form of a woman and proposed to Stephanus that in order to create a perfect shell for Cruelty’s reborn form, they’d offer themselves as a vessel for it. Thus Cruelty/Pazuzu was born again as the actual child of a being.

Selphiel made the conscious choice to perish at birth to give both Stephanus and Pazuzu the ultimate form of protection against the other beings.