Doll Stats
Base: TiffieBJDCrafts Battholomew
Customizations: nebuloid
Eyes: Mako
Wig: unknown furwig

Character Stats
Profession: warrior
Crossbreed: Orc (Dwarf/Giant)
Element: none
Kazimír is an orc chieftain who met Pazuzu when she was barterin for alliance with the orc and giant Clans and hosted a feast to impress them. And impressed they were about the sheer amount of Barbecue ribs she was able to consume and the incredible agressiveness she showed during that endeavor („tearing flesh from limbs“ was one description applied to that event afterwards).

Pazuzu was equally impressed, just about different parts of him so that made the ultimately unsatisfying outcome of the meeting still worth the investment (in her opionion).

He is one of three People who share Pazuzu’s bed on a semi-regular basis and thus receive a measure of trust and bargaining rights, they’d otherwise not have. Angrboda is the other person of this scenario whom he quite likes. He (and Angrboda) hold no love for Vortigern, the third person in this affair, simply due to his aloof demeanour.

Actually does lead a fairly sizable amount of soldiers and is a decent war chief when not bending over backwards to accomodate Pazuzu.