Doll Stats
Base: Dollsbe Jujube
Customizations: evie the kid
Eyes: Taobao
Wig: ///

Character Stats
Profession: self proclaimed god
Element: none
Notes: Iason is an elderly human male who had at some point annointed himself as „The Horned God“ and amassed quite a fellowship. He bases his dioctrine on the fact that humans were created by the second being who allegedly created no god, thus meaning for their creation to take their fate into their own hands.

Image him as a sort of grandfather-ly persona who is totally supporting drug use for consciousness-expanding reasons and can outdrink everyone.

Whilst his intentions might have been based on the actual wish for change at first, he soon starts to milk his ever growing followers for all their worth, preaching his ideas and generally generating a huge mess for everyone involved. Which is when Pazuzu dedices to use this destructive force to her advantage and starts buttering up the endeavours with money and acual plans to get the Council distracted enough by this development to stop focusing on her agenda.