Doll Stats
Base: Unoa Elder Sister Ange Decadent on Lilycat Cerisedoll V.2 body
Customizations: Lynsey
Wig: MeetoDoll
Outfit: Serenadedoll / Zirkussoldat
Eyes: Chinese Glass
Flower Crown: AyuAna
Helmet: Soom Dorothy (blushing by Ara)

Character Stats
Profession: Goddess of Nightmares
Element: none
Notes: There are gods for every single thing like emotions (e.g.: hate, sorrow, anger), behavioral patterns (e.g.: sanity, insanity, barbarity) and other things (e.g.: nightmares, destruction) and many more.

Grendel herself is a nightmare, accountable for dreams in general (and more specific: nightmares) and therefore a god.

She can control the dream of every demon and human (i.e. implant specific ideas, manipulate and so on).