Doll Stats
Base: Dollmore Narsha
Customizations: easternlightstudio
Eyes: unknown
Wig: easternlightstudio

Character Stats
Profession: wife
Element: earth
Notes: Hallbjörn’s wife. Comes from one of the noble dwarven houses. They have a daughter called Maarit.

She works as a healer. Dwarvish healing involves lots of herbs as they are based on earth and fire elements so they have a vast knowledge of what plant does what and can be used for which ailment. Most dwarf healers think that magical healing most other races practices is cheating and will come back to haunt you so they are rather strict in not using magic, only what the earth offers and the magic therein.

Agnetha specialises in healing of cchildren and mothers-to-be, so she primarily works with herbs that actually taste good whenever possible.
Her favorite is chamomile and extensive working with that plant has dyed her skin a yellow-ish color.