Five / Jehudiel

Doll Stats
Base: Dollzone Mo / Miracledoll Small Viper body
Customizations: Dollprika (head) / myself (body)
Wig: unknown
Eyes: unknown

Character Stats
Profession: being
Element: none
Notes: Jehudiel is the most scientific inclined of the beings. And by scientific I mean „inclined to fuck shit up and see what happens“. He’s basically the little boy with a magnifying glass setting an ant hill on to fire to see them scramble to survive.
Just on a much larger scale.

He meets Pazuzu after Stephanus tries to control her erratic behaviours at the beginning of their journey together (i.e. after brawling and fucking her way through a lot of people). Despite not being aware of who exactly she is, he feels she’s sufficiently powerful to help him gain access to another test subject – offsprings with his powers.

Lo and behold, he does get Pazuzu pregnant, more or less erases her memories and lets her go.

The children Pazuzu gets out of this encounter are the twins, Luciel and Lysander. They do not hold any special powers at first and Pazuzu has no clue that they could potentially develop any as she barely remembers the guy who fathered them.

Jehudiel and her don’t see face to face for an exceedingly long while until he shows up out of the blue to claim the kids upon which he realises that a) the kids are grown up since a while and he should have kept a closer eye on the passing time, b) Pazuzu’s parentage from the Seventh Being is mucking up the base line for the experiment and c) there’s a very annoyed Second Being also involved who nearly has a heart attack when he, Jehudiel, shows up too.

It’s a much bigger ant hill than hoped for and he’s so ready to find an appropriately sized magnifying glas to set shit on fire.