Doll Stats
Base: Goblin Tales Phantom / Dollshe Fashion 28M
Customizations: Lynsey
Eyes: unknown
Wig: Monique

Character Stats
Profession: General
Element: ///
Notes: Dorian too was one of Pazuzu’s (first version) generals, together with Mordecai and Tyr.

She found […] Dorian admits the mossy rocks down the sea […]

After Hate and Cruelty’s defeat, Dorian takes the order of „you will forget, this, us and what we did“ literally, went into the most remote corner of Silmä and promptly proceeded to forget everything.

Dorian closed his eyes and spread his wings, let the wind blow him further and further away from Land’s End towards the icy wastelands and their tiny villages where he only opened his eyes when he had forgotten everything but his own name.

He is the only general whose whereabouts are known by The Council and Kendra checks in on him every few centuries on the off-chance that he has deigned to remember something.

Until one day, a really hot woman appears on his doorstep, proceeds to get into the way of things, propositions him and then tells him that he has her army (or at least, some parts of it). That does not get his memories going but he follows her anyway.

“And then just… went with her?”, Jeromé’s gaze was unbelieving, irritated. “Surely I did. Otherwise I would not be here now”, Dorian replied, unconcerned. “…it’s a wonder you survived this long without getting killed with that trusting nature of yours.”

The memories you ask? He still hasn’t gotten those back but he likes the new (and presumably old) friends he has made so far.

Despite everything, Dorian is still a pretty deathly magician, just without a clue why the enemy force went up in flames, sorry about that