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Want To Buy / Trade List

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I’m always on the look-out for talented seamstresses who can make Slim Mini stuff. I am however a very, very picky person when it comes to selfmade clothes and I expect quality (but am willing to pay the price for that). For my BJDs, please look through my recent pictures for the styles my dolls wear (hint: they do not wear casual) and have a realistic view of your abilities.
If you can make doll armor I am also interested (and also picky). If I commissioned you recently you can however be sure that I’d love to trade with you so there’s that.

For the dolls/doll parts I expect proof that they are legit (CoA or screenshot of your order). I am not interested in dolls where it can’t be proven that they are 100% legit.

♔ Unoa Chibi from cocoa skin release (either sculpt/body combo)
♔ Volks Kohya WindowFesta 2019 Halloween one off (only with the faceup intact!) 
♔ Volks FCS discontinued oldskin F04 and F11 (head or full doll, preferably painted) 
♔ Volks Souseiki/Suiseiki

♔ Sony Alpha A900 camera body

♔ Maileg Best Friend tent cream or green
♔ Furniture or accessoires that fit style and size-wise to my crew – custom or ready made
Examples of what I need:
_ Gypsy wagon
_ White wicker patio furniture (2 chairs, couch & table) – bonus for bright yellow cushions (sample)
♔ Miniature food in scale for 1/4 dolls
♔ Miniature books no larger than 40mm X 60mm
♔ Wheaton miniature bottles
♔ ‚magical‘ miniatures for 1/4 dolls
♔ taxidermy (real or fake) to fit in a 1/4 scale room

♔ American Girl Josefina goat
♔ American Girl Kaya travois
♔ American Girl Samantha’s gazebo
♔ American Girl Josefina’s desk

♔ Battat 20″ horse (Galloping Arabian black / Saddlebred any color)

♔ Dollheart Fer SD size PINK
Volks Deep Blue Dress Set
Volks Deep Blue Jacket Set
Volks Dark Wolf / Mini
Volks Shooting Violet Star
Volks Tsuki no kimono set Violet

♔ Heavily embroidered sari / dupatta / lahenga in red colorways

Soom Marl/Borol wand
♔ Withdoll weapons / armor parts 
Iplehouse Isar bow and arrows
♔ Soom (or other companies) horn parts
♔ Fairyland Sylvia horns

♔ Azone Cecily Darkness Soul Fullset Outfit

♔ paint skills for fantasy parts

♔ Nendoroid extra faceplates (the more hilarious the expression the better)