Chihiro & Chitou

Name: Chihiro

Doll Stats
Base: Volks Ian Kit
Customizations: Aradolls
Wig: Taobao
Outfit: LuLu / Nezumitoo / flowergirl
Eyes: Chinese Glass

She is co-owned with Khell.

Character Stats
Profession: Seeress
Element: Fire

Name: Chitou

Doll Stats
Base: Ringdoll Chunyi/Customhouse Little Junior body
Customizations: greenwolfy
Wig: ///
Outfit: Volks / Taobao
Eyes: ///

Character Stats
Profession: Seer
Element: Fire

Notes: Chihiro and her counter part Chitou are part of the seer guild – they are part of the court of Arundel, High King of Moskaw, and assist the avisers with their ability to see the future (in a way).

They were given to Arundel by the guild of seers to be his wards and, obviously, his guidance. Their way of seeing the future only works together. Chihiro can ask without Chitou but will not receive answers and Chitou can’t voice his answers without Chihiro’s questions. As such, Arundel has them confined to separate rooms far apart from each other unless they are needed to make it impossible for anyone to steal them away. Not that it hadn’t been tried but Arundel’s security measure has held so far and the abducted part of the duo always ended up safely returned (and what if not, you ask? Well /makes throat cutting motion – Arundel is peculiar with things he considers his).

Neither Chitou nor Chihiro mind the restrictions as apart from these they lead a luxurious life, especially in a day and age where the importance of seers dwindles more and more.