Doll version has been sold, profile stays up for completeness sake

Doll Stats
Base: Fairyland LTF Nanuri 2013
Customizations: Aeterno Aesthetics

Character Stats
Profession: blood hunter
Element: none
Notes: So, Nikita. Where the hell do I start with Nikita? She is both Pazuzu’s child and isn’t. See, when the first Pazuzu and Stephanus surrendered to the Council’s forces and were taken into custody to be executed, Nasir, the God of Wisdom, went into their castle on Land’s End to seal it off and found a sleeping baby. Subsequently the parentage was at least pinned to Pazuzu on the mother side though it is absolutely possible that she just stole a child. No one knows. Why? Because both the reborn Pazuzu and Stephanus have not regained those particular set of memories yet and of the three commanders they had (Tyr, Mordecai and Dorian) only Dorian would have been in a position of trust high enough to know the parentage of the child. But he took Pazuzu’s order of “forget that this ever happened till I need you again” literally and is living his life in a small town in Adetokunbo and has no recollection why he is there, what he is / was and why he is still looking like a fresh-faced twink when he can clearly remember living there forever.

Basically Nikita is Schrödinger’s child.

The Council took over custody and dropped her off in an orphanage under a strict order of watching her for any hints that she would take up her (assumed) mother’s quest. She didn’t and over time the whole “omg watch the possible traitor” mellowed out more and more until it ran out.

Nikita got classified as female when she got picked up and dropped off at the orphanage whereas later they identify as nonbinary.

They took up a position in the guild of the blood hunters (a special sort of sellswords mostly hired by the Council) and after years and years they met Wulfric and ended up tumbling in a sort of relationship with him and Kimete (hey it works). That Wulfric is technically their half-brother (assuming that you are basing it on the fact that reborn Pazuzu is the same as the original Pazuzu in terms of DNA) and Kimete is their step-uncle (by the fact that his father is Khaled and he is married to Stephanus who is Pazuzu’s father in the reborn version) just makes for some amusing explaining Jeromé has to do for new recruits.