Theodore (‘Teddy’)

Doll Stats
Base: Fairyland LTF Lewi
Customizations: La Coterie de Luna
Wig: Crobidoll
Outfit: tayma.leigh
Eyes: Lua Garo

Character Stats
Profession: bounty hunter
Element: none
Notes: Pazuzu’s first grandchild, son of Wulff and the giantess Angrboda. Was raised by Khaled since the age of three when Angrboda gave him up to his father who had no clue of raising a child and in turn dropped him off at his mother’s. Who also was not overly happy to be saddled with a small child after having her own children finally out of the house. Hence Khaled raising him.

Theodore has a very calm and indifferent personality and prefers to pursue his trade in solitude and peace. He rarely speaks, if it is because he does not care or simply has problems using his vocal chords after years of silence is unclear.