Grisha Potemkin

Doll Stats
Base: Granado Terro on Iplehouse JID body on LUTS Berry centaur body
Customizations: Barbelo (face-up) / Aradolls (blushing) / PrettyinPlastic (tattoo) / Dr. Krow (mods)
Wig: chattybratty (eBay)
Outfit: syrinxfox
Eyes: BeetleEyes
Weapon: Sword is a Noble Collections GoT Ice letter opener / shield by Onyris (etsy)
Horns: LUTS Maska horns

Character Stats
Profession: General
Element: none
Notes: Grisha Potemkin is the current head of the centaur army, a bulky warrior with a very biased mindeset on current topics. He is a good tactician but a lousy conversation partner and leaves the talking part to his second in command, Rhys Paganini.