[Hybriding] boypink re:SEN

ietsiepetesy on IG requested some hybriding fun and who am I to deny that!

The victim:

Doll specs:
Maker: boypink / xdissipation
Mold: re:SEN
Order Period: 25th September – 15th October 2016
normal skin 01: matches with dollstown pale tan
normal skin 02: matches with volks normal skin
normal skin 03: matches with dollstown fresh skin
Eye size: 6mm (recommended by maker)
Head size: 7/8 inch

Specifics of my head:
Color: NS 03
Eye size: 8mm Enso Eyes

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A curious curiosity

I don’t know if I have ever mentioned my fascination with taxidermy in all its various forms? If not, I have a special place in my heart for stuffed animals, bones, dried specimen and other oddities and when the diorama project took off, I knew that I had to have all those things in there as well. Because it is a laboratory / study for a magical scientist and not having those things would be a shame.
My main issue with the diorama has always been that I want clutter, like a lived-in clutter that accumulates after centuries of usage of the same room. I can do clutter irl quite easily but with dolls I always find I strive to show everything clearly in a picture which is not possible with the sort of clutter I want to achieve. So uh, constant fight against my inner self here xD

But I guess I have figured it out now?

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And it has to end somewhere else

Disclaimer: You are allowed criticise and you are more than allowed to point out grammatical errors or incorrect use of words due to English not being my native language. Also copyright by me but I always wanted to write that, so.

This part follows right after te other one publidhed and covers the first part of the story right up until the death of the original Pazuzu and Stephanus. Then shit hits the fan and I still have to write that out, shoot me.

Then the gods split up, Cruelty and Hate wandered over Silmä’s continents until they came to a marsh that was clad in fog so thick that even the fen fires had a hard time to be seen. They walked through the marsh, hand in hand, until it took a slope uphill into sparse trees that were crippled and mostly bald and until the sad shadow of a forest became stone. Until they stood on top of a cliff that fell down meters upon meters down to where the ocean broke itself in foamy waves on the bottom. “This is the land’s end”, Cruelty said: “Where we will lay the first stone to the place we will call home”. And she kissed Hate hard on the mouth, lips tight.

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It has to begin /somewhere/

Disclaimer: You are allowed criticise and you are more than allowed to point out grammatical errors or incorrec use of words due to English not being my native language. Also copyright by me but I always wanted to write that, so.

It goes like this – once upon a time, when the world was just a glint in the eye of the giant Melomenes, seven beings emerged from the dark. They were not fully formed yet; they were just there, like a particular unamusing thought which would not leave, no matter how hard the thinker tried. The giant tried to sweep his eye in a vain attempt to get rid of the thoughts but only succeeded in getting it loose, until it hung from his face only secured but the veins. In a fit of rage, the giant ripped it out fully and threw it away, where it floated in the vast darkness. Only then, the seven beings descended upon the floating eyeball and started to mold it in the image of the worlds they had seen flashing before the giant’s eyes.

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ADAW 2016

ADAW has become my favourite way to motivate myself to actually take pictures regularly because otherwise I’d prolly slump, never take pictures and get so bad my own photography would make me cry (of sadness).

I actually feel that this year I truly evolved in my photographic ventures and I do hope that in 2017 I can take what I learned and build up on it!

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Forgive me for I have sinned (also known as „The dolls in 2016“)

For those who don’t know me from LJ, I traditionally post my doll year at the end of the year and I am posting NOW because fuck it. I will NOT buy anymore dolls in 2017 to make this redundant. I will just not (it is only six more days, you can do it birb!).

For kicks, my plan for 2016 from last year:

There had been a detailed post about it here already but I modified it a bit insofar that I want to get everyone at least one formal and one fighting outfit, get more furniture and jewelry and finally work on my poor Volks Ian, provided I get her back anytime soon (got the go ahead from my co-owner to go wild and just tell her if she needs to chip in some money so yisss).

What actually got done:

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Angrboda is a practical woman. When it becomes clear that she is with child she marches up to her father and announces her intent to carry it to term, to give him the grandchild he’d been nagging her for ages. She also makes it clear that she has no intention of caring for it till it becomes an adult. They strike a bargain – she raises the child until it’s three, for those precarious years where ideas can be easily implanted in a mind that’s not fully formed yet and then she is free to do as she wishes.

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Excuse the great title. Anyway, on my agenda for my vacation was to make walls for the diorama. On a zero budget cause you know, Christmas is coming. Fortunately my old wardrobe had very nice MDF backing I was able to use as a base and then I found some old wooden sticks I used as uh, whatever the correct architectural term is.

Cheated a lot when building it tho – E6000 glue glues everything. Including your fingers. There is probably a special place in hell reserved for those of us who do wood work with the wrong glue but while my late grandpa had been hoarding everything, wood glue (that was not dried up) was not under these things.

I added a cobweb in the left corner cause it seemed like a good idea at the time. No spider tho, I’d forget I put it there and freak-out cause SPIDER NOPE NOPE.

The next things on my agenda is to finally fill the curio cabinet. And a lovely friend is knitting me a horrifyingly looking throw blanket like Pazuzu would have knitted, bless her heart.

Ldoll 2016

Also known as „that one roadtrip to France that was planned since 2014“ because I think the first talk of us all going to LDoll together emerged after Ldoll 2014 which was way too much fun and needed to be repeated. As LDoll skipped 2015 we all focused on this year. A big THANK YOU needs to go out to Santana/Sharkyra and Mimi for organizing this, especially the transportation! A+, would ride the bus from hell again with you!

To make it nicer, this entry will first showcase the pictures (which are not the full con! I am missing proper pics of the last four rows as by then we had to rush back to relieve poor Choco from booth watching duty… that and I am a shit phtographer when it comes to documenting, sorry) and then include my babbling.

My booth. First time doing it so excuse the less than professional McGyver thing I did.

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