[Hybriding] boypink re:SEN

ietsiepetesy on IG requested some hybriding fun and who am I to deny that!

The victim:

Doll specs:
Maker: boypink / xdissipation
Mold: re:SEN
Order Period: 25th September – 15th October 2016
normal skin 01: matches with dollstown pale tan
normal skin 02: matches with volks normal skin
normal skin 03: matches with dollstown fresh skin
Eye size: 6mm (recommended by maker)
Head size: 7/8 inch

Specifics of my head:
Color: NS 03
Eye size: 8mm Enso Eyes

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Furniture must have a personality as well as be beautiful (Rose Tarlour)

A lot happened in the furniture department since my last entry on this topic. Mostly to my wallet /ahem

Even if this entry might be out-dated by next Tuesday (I am bidding on some sweet white wicker patio furniture) I wanted to write it now cause I now my procastinating self. So I included my two custom furniture pieces in this entry!

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Props and why keeping tabs on eBay is a good idea

Though if my weekend habit of hardcore browsing through eBay and etsy is recommended is debatable. But it is a fact that I got a lot of my favourite props and furniture simply because I can spend hours upon hours going through listings after listings and measure stuff. My favourite tags to look through on eBay are certainly „salesman sample“, „apprentice piece“, „American Girl furniture“, „hina doll“ and „gogatsu“ on ebay.com, „Puppenstubenzubehör“, „Kaufmannsladen“ and „Puppenstube Zinn“ on ebay.de and „vintage miniature“ on etsy.com. Most of my pieces were found in those search tags.
Of course the prices vary greatly (esp. regarding salesman samples) so it pays to rerun searches with specific tags when you find something you like and you might find it for a better price.

This entry I wanted to showcase the stuff I got so far simply because I love seeing other people’s props and it might be helpful for some of you searching for props and furniture! This also won’t include the custom made furniture commissioned specifically for my dolls cause that’s a whole other bag of bugs.

This kicked it off – that’s a Hinamatsuri display piece of a tea ceremony set that turned out to be perfectly sized for MSDs.

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