That one random backlog entry

I just realised that with me actually taking more pictures than just the weekly ADAW ones, a lot of them won’t show up on my blog when I post the ADAW ones in bulk at the end of the year. So, random shots entries are a go!

Akira recently got his tattoos and pft, tattooed dolls are my weakness.

My aesthetics however are bearded dwarf ladies <3

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Long limbed and loose legged [Serenadedoll Ava]

I had actually planned on taking advantage of Serenadedolls‘ winter event but never got a reply to my question (+ their Q&A board looked like a hot mess waiting to happen) but at the beginning of May they seemed to get their act together and I got a mail saying that my order placed with the discount was still valid and the graciously agreed to give me a layaway option so ordered an Ava.

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